Julia's Garage

1973 Camaro
Julia’s 1973 Camaro is a head turner for any car enthusiast. The ’73 Rally Sport Camaro features the split bumper, an iconic look first developed in 1972. 
Julia’s done some modifications to her Camaro. The car has a cammed LS1, T56 six-speed transmission with Hotchkis TVS full suspension and clean, black Foose wheels. It's interior has been fully restored, and is accompanied by 2016 SS Camaro bucket seats.
All in all, the ’73 Camaro will go down in history as one of the best Camaros. It’s fast, comfortable, and it has fantastic suspension. This is classic American muscle at its finest. 

This is a car fanatics version of ‘Beauty and The Beast’. The truck is a 1962 C10 Chevrolet pickup truck. This is the first generation of the C10 (1960-1966) that paved the way for the future of light-duty and heavy-duty pickups. Julia’s Chevy C10 is fully restored and upgraded with custom interior and vintage AC.

It has an LS3 motor running 525 HP and it sits on a 1978 K5 chassis with a 3 quarter ton front and rear running gear. 

 If you see this truck cruising the streets of Palm Beach and Broward County, now you know the lady behind the wheel.  


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This truck is beyond classic, it’s antique. This 1948 Chevy 3100 is a rare short bed, half-ton pickup truck that has a cammed LS1 with dual exhaust and four link rear suspension. It has beautiful bright red custom interior accompanied by a custom stereo system and BMW front bucket seats.

 For those who know car history, and Chevy’s more specifically, this is a very special, iconic vehicle. 


1972 GMC Jimmy owned by Julia Rose Stallone

This is the 1972 GMC K5, better known as the GMC Jimmy. Julia has it here with its top off. Pure truck porn. 

The original GMC Jimmy had production from 1969 to 1972, so this model is not one you will see often. This GMC Jimmy has a renegade-like paint job, 6-in skyjacker suspension lift with 3 quarter ton axles, and huge tires. This truck had a big block engine, but she's in the works of installing an LQ9 with a 4L80 transmission. 

Overall, the styling is classy and the truck is powerful. It’s an impressive truck that cruises in style. Julia holds this vehicle very close to her heart.


1968 General Lee Tribute Car

If you’ve seen the Dukes of Hazards then you instantly recognize this car. It’s the 1968 Dodge Charger, General Lee Tribute.

The awesome wedge shape of Chargers built from 1968 to 1970 makes them standout immediately from other Chargers. 1968 was the year the Charger went from a sedately-styled GT to a B-body battler. This is the kind of car you can only hope to spot burning donuts in the lot. 

This ’68 Charger was equipped with a 440 big block, but Julia is in the works of installing a hellcat engine. It is currently being restored and just got a fresh paint job, chrome delete, and the plan is to get full custom interior and custom wheels. There is no doubt that this project will finish off to be spectacular. 


1939 suburban restoration by Julia Rose Stallone

Another fine specimen of an American antique car, the 1939 Chevy Suburban. It is being fully restored back to its glory days. The above pic shows some of the restoration progress.


1986 Jeep CJ7 mudtruck

When Julia pulls up to the mud park in her Jeep CJ7, all jaws drop. Her 1986 CJ7 Mudtruck is unlike anything in her collection.

A few of its recent mods include a replacement of the bikini top with the original hardtop, new windshield frame, sound bar, doors, steps for driver and passenger side, and she relocated the gauges. She also installed a new winch.

So, basically…big time truck goals right here. 


c43 AMG

Did you think Julia only loves classics and antiques? Think again. 

Here is a pic of Julia’s daily whip. The Mercedes Benz C43 AMG. The car she first EVER posted to her Instagram page.