About Julia

Growing up as a little girl, Julia was always surrounded by classic cars, four-wheelers, fishing, and family. Her favorite memories as a child remain in her father's beautiful classics, riding shotgun through the city of Boca Raton, Florida.

Julia remembers her father arriving home with cars like the 1986 Chevy K10, 1979 TransAm 6.6L, and his 1987 Ferrari Mondial or even the Apache speedboat (pictured above). Each time he came home, Julia would drop everything she was doing to rush outside to try and get behind the wheel. The first time she took the wheel was in her 1973 Camaro- a special car that is still part of her current collection. 

Julia's passion for cars grew stronger each weekend when she and her father spent time working on various projects in their home garage, and attending car shows together. Fast forward to today, Julia is the one dragging him to car shows and car auctions all over the state of Florida! She decided to start her instagram page around January of 2019 to share her collection with car lovers who enjoy it as much as she does.

While Julia enjoys her local car shows and events, she plans to begin traveling to even larger ones out of state in the upcoming years. However, one of her favorite car shows to attend is the Stallone’s Goes Pink Car Show, which is hosted at her family owned restaurant, Stallone’s Italian Kitchen, in Boca Raton, Florida. The proceeds of this car show are used to help provide treatment for women and breast cancer awareness. The turnout at this car show is always amazing, and she loves seeing the immense support, as well as amazing cars, from everyone who participates. No matter what show it is, Julia always makes sure to bring along her fan favorite cars.

When she’s not behind the wheel, you can find Julia working in real estate alongside her family owned company, or teaching students how to fly airplanes as an instructor and commercial pilot. As a new entrepreneur, she is actively working to challenge herself everyday, and has no problem proving what she's capable of.

Despite the many things she does for work, her hobbies include deep sea fishing during the summer months, traveling, weightlifting, racing, mudding in her Jeep CJ7 at events all over the state of Florida, creating content for her followers, and ultimately - spending time with her family.

All in all, Julia’s main goal has always been to inspire others. Her role in this male dominated industry isn’t always easy, but she never stops encouraging women to chase their dreams, just as her mentors did for her. She believes she wouldn’t be where she is today without a strong support network, and of course, all of her fans.